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don't like nothin' and i like that fine

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Are you holding a long term grudge? Have a crappy job? Have a day that just seems to go wrong before you even wake up, well, everyday? Or even if you just have a general dislike for everything and everone, bitter_is_bliss is the place for you.

Here, you can bitch, you can moan, you can rant, you can complain all you want, and not have people leave comments on your entry telling you "you're so negative", "why do you always talk like that?" and "quit whining". You can bitch and not get bitched back at. But everything you post in here does not have to be a complaint. You can consider it your journal away from your journal.

Only a few rules.
1) If you wish to rant about a fellow livejournaler, don't use their user name. If you do, the name will be changed/taken out or the entry will simply be deleted.
2) If you're going to complain about someone in general, don't give out information like their e-mail address or website and tell everyone to go and hound them and insult them or whatever. While you may be mad at someone, it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.
3) If you wish to advertise, don't do it here. There is a community on LJ made specially for that, and it's not this one.

So join, bitch, and be bitter!

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